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Create content that matters

We take pride in helping people from all walks of life capture their value adding asset and connect it to their audience.

Connecting audiences to your mission

An evolving digital world means that people need to trust you and your brand before they click your link. One of the most sustainable, evergreen, and transparent ways to build this trust is through a podcast.

Podcasts serve as a digital marketing arm that lead to revenue generation opportunities, greater brand familiarity, and community building. If you're starting a podcast from scratch, we'll create a show that strengthens your brand. If you're already releasing episodes, we can come alongside you to improve the creation process. We help organizations create content they're proud of, including both for-profit companies and non-profits.

Our passion is to connect organizations with their dream audience, they're already out there and they're waiting for you.

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I studied Communication at the University of Central Oklahoma and Wake Forest University. I have worked for a variety of companies in front-facing roles, ranging from tech consulting to teaching college students public speaking. Overall, I find myself fascinated by questions, stories, and the nuance of humanity.

I've always been intrigued by podcasts. I believe they’re one of the best ways to facilitate digital connection. After two years of corporate travel, I decided that I needed a project that would keep me at home more. This is when I began to learn the world of podcast production, videography, and digital content.

Since then I've helped various organizations create content they're proud of, including both for-profit companies and non-profits. I enjoy connecting organizations with their dream audience - connection will lead to opportunity.

Our Services

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Digital Assets

Most podcasts never come to life because they lack a true concept.

We provide resources that will guide you through the concept development phase, help you build a growth strategy, and create an episode structure.

Number 1

Concept Development

This guide will lead you to a true north that will serve as your podcast’s foundation. The best podcasts have a bulletproof concept.

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Strategy Roadmap

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Number 2

Unsure of how to make your concept a reality? This digital document solidifies how get your podcast in motion.

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Episode Framework

Your content is as good as its packaging. This framework will deliver consistency and professionalism.

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Support Workflow

Many of the podcasts we create end up being financially supported by corporate partners. This will guide you through that process.

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Marketing Plans

I’m sure you’ve heard, the podcasting space can be competitive. We’ll make sure you start with an advantage.

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Your podcast will attract listeners to your organization, do it wisely.

One of the highest priorities for organizational success is developing high quality digital assets. We guide teams through an intensive session to centralize ideas, come to alignment, and set goals before the podcast goes live.

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Don’t sell your content short by forgetting professional quality.

We’ll use state of the art recording equipment to capture connection. With both professional audio and video capacities, we guarantee quality.

Audio/Video Editing

Inform people who you are through the style of your podcast.

We’ll clean up your audio and dial in your video. Gone are the days where you’ll be known by the bloopers, hello to the days of highlights and soundbytes.

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Publishing Services

Every audio and video platform will be a chance to grow your audience.

We cover all hosting services, including distributing your podcast to all major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Amazon Podcasts.

Website Development

Why not have another platform to attract an audience?

Podcasts serve as funnels to learning your organization’s mission. We develop high quality websites to make sure the landing page is pristine.

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Business consulting


Your podcast will be an evergreen resource for your audience.

We provide advisory consulting for clients throughout every step of the process. We provide a fresh perspective backed with research and experience.

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An audio podcast for the Boys & Girls Club of Lawrence, Kansas. Featuring interviews, staff spotlights, and compelling stories.

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We’ve helped organizations reach over 400K collective downloads, views, and listens. We’re excited to keep it going with the project that you’re thinking about. Your idea deserves to be shared. Be sure to reach out to us and we’ll build you a show.


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